Smart technologies, automation and artificial intelligence are currently revolutionising justice systems and insurance companies worldwide. While other industries have long benefited from tech-driven value chains, legal processes are still in the midst of rapid and disruptive innovation.

As pioneers in the field of legal tech, we create innovative and scalable services by intelligently combing state-of-the-art technology, communication and services for legal protection insurers, law firms and litigation financiers.

Our vision.

We are reshaping the future of case processing and law enforcement. Because our intelligent cloud platform and flexibly deployable services enable our partners to scale their productivity quantitatively and qualitatively.

Our expertise.

We digitise our partners' value chains to increase case numbers and processes. We redesign the processes of case handling, develop automated workflows and intelligent interfaces, and use AI to ensure maximum efficiency.

Our partners.

We offer our partners individual customised processing with innovative solutions and smart services. This enables them to tap into new markets and benefit from progressive growth.

Our team.

Our team of new thinkers stands for maximum innovation. Together, we are always evolving fast and reshaping an entire industry sector.


We are rethinking legal process flows and creating a whole new eco-system in the insurance and legal world. As one of Europe's leading experts in process automation, we offer unique cloud-based claim management that fundamentally changes the way cases are handled today through automated workflows, data extraction and AI-based text interpretation.

The goal is to smartly automate legal case processing, enabling law firms and service teams to significantly increase productivity and efficiency. What is needed is an intelligent and flexible tech platform that, thanks to the latest cognitive technologies, reduces repetitive activities in case processing by up to 90 percent. Process automations reduce the number of transactions that have to be processed manually, while the quality and satisfaction of clients, policyholders and sales increase massively.

Features and their business relevance.

Cloud-based Claim Management 100%
Text Recognition and Interpretation 85%
Automated Workflows 90%
Automated Communication 85%
Machine Learning 75%
Automated Case Processing and Billing 65%

New business potential for our partners

Lawyers and law firms

As a marketing, tech and back-office service provider, we ensure increasing case numbers, maximum processing efficiency and high quality results for your law firm.

Legal protection partner

Our legal protection tech solution enables the transformation towards automated process management. Intelligent interfaces between customers, sales and lawyers deliver efficiency and reliable quality standards.

Litigation Funder

Thanks to scalable sourcing and automated claim processing, mass litigation is tapped as an investment potential providing predictable low risk ROIs.

0 >1 mio.

Processed claims per year

0 1 bn. €

Acquired and processed claim value

0 >27 mio.

Legal documents processed

0 250

Tech- and process experts

Insure tech solutions for maximum efficiency

The digitization of complex case handling processes enables optimal resource allocation while increasing processing quality and reducing process costs by up to 85 percent.

Digital qualification of operations

Policyholder concerns can be easily pre-qualified and categorized through digital customer communication and interaction. This allows segments to be prioritized correctly and processed quickly.

Automated multi-channel communication

Intelligent multi-channel communication ensures consistently high quality in communication with customers, sales, and partners. Service teams are relieved and the speed of case processing increases.

Dynamic validation of data and documents

Digital process automation ensures that data and documents are complete. Missing data is identified by the system on a case-by-case basis, requested digitally and assigned to the respective case for completion.

Automated workflows for processing

Automated workflows replace manual, repetitive tasks performed by your employees. They increase quality in case processing, contribute significantly to team productivity, and reduce process costs per case by up to 85 percent.

Automated data extraction

Thanks to automatic data extraction, incoming documents are digitally captured, interpreted and processed on a case-by-case basis. Repetitive data entry is no longer necessary, while processing speed and data quality increase massively.

AI-assisted reading of incoming documents

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible to process large volumes of data and documents in a time-efficient manner. Algorithms learn your language. This is how we eliminate time-consuming, manual processing.

Dynamic creation and delivery of documents

Digital workflows ensure the automated creation of case-related documents. These are defined once, individualized by your partners' case data, and sent continuously via digital interfaces.

Automated case processing and billing

Once all case-related data has been compiled and checked, cases can be processed automatically after a one-time validation. The payment is instructed digitally and the associated processes are triggered and executed.

Success thanks to end-to-end processing

The digital value chain for law firms from sourcing to case closure.

  • Claim sourcing and

    Centrally controlled multi-channel campaigns acquire claims in international mass markets. Intelligent communication channels, automated document recognition and interpretation ensure high conversion rates and dynamic case qualification.

  • Contract execution and dispute
    value forecasts

    After evaluation of the qualified claims, the digital contract is concluded and all contract documents between lawyers, litigation financiers and clients are dynamically generated. Case number and dispute value forecasts are now available in real time.

  • Automated claim

    Digital workflows and intelligent interfaces provide lawyers with a high-performance work environment. Incoming and outgoing documents are dynamically generated, processed and transmitted. Lawyers can devote 100% of their time to their litigation strategy and the success of the case for all parties involved.

  • Case closure and financial

    Case closure is performed via the cloud platform's digital billing system. Payment flows are triggered after case closure and invoices are dynamically generated. Financial performance, from success rate to ROI, can be tracked in real time via customised dashboards.

Predictability and scalable ROIs.

By intelligently combining efficient claim sourcing, automated claim processing, court trial management, and accounting and payment processing, we offer litigation financiers and law firm partners an integrated value chain and scalable business and investment potential for mass claims - worldwide.

Our USP is efficient claim sourcing combined with a cloud-based tech platform for automated end-2-end claim management. Litigation financiers can monitor and control their entire claim portfolio in real time via one dashboard. Dynamic workflows, intelligent interfaces and scalable services make it possible to source similar claims in different markets and process them until case closure. The high degree of automation eliminates repetitive tasks at the law firm level. Our partner law firms can devote 100% of their time to their legal work and focus on monetary success for clients and financing partners. The result is predictability, excellent processing quality and an outstanding ROI.

The success achieved through optimised end-to-end processing is also reflected in the results: in Europe alone, claims worth 1 billion euros have been acquired, processed and settled via the SCAILEX legal tech platform and services.

One team. One goal.

Working with us means thinking in a new way, living our innovative strength and making a big difference. Every colleague contributes decisively to our success with his or her high level of personal responsibility. At the same time, we are in a continuous learning process that leads to ever new productive solutions through constructive and positive cooperation. For this, we are looking for die-hard team players who are ready to take on the biggest challenge in the tech industry.

Finally, I can make a difference. And at the same time I'm part of a team that is revolutionising an entire sector of the industry.

Andy-Senior Developer

Here I'm doing what I love! Instead of working through tasks, I am actively involved and can see the direct impact of my work.

Timo-IT Project Management

I love my job! Especially the relaxed atmosphere, great colleagues and a professional working environment. We are constantly trying out new things and learn something new every day.

Stefanie-Senior Marketing Manager



“A great employer for everyone who wants to make a difference!“

“Great team, very good cohesion, pleasant working atmosphere, lots of know-how and solution-oriented way of working.“

“This makes work pleasurable.“

Our successes

Together with our team and our partner law firms, we have already achieved a lot. And we still have a lot more to do.

0 20,785

court appointments per year

0 9,295

software commits per year

0 1,625,523

individual cases in 2020

0 20,785

court appointments per year

0 9,295

software commits per year

0 1,625,523

individual cases in 2020

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